Pay Structure

While some organizations may offer a slightly higher percentage, we base our employee profit share on the following benefits that we feel make us a safer and more secure career investment:

No waiting on claims to process: We invest in the satisfaction of our employees, so we pay you based on worked rendered not money returned. We pay our team members every 2 weeks regardless of if the claim has been submitted and paid.

Get paid even when the organization doesn’t: Coordination of benefits and insurance verification can be difficult often resulting in denials or take backs. We don’t offset future wages based on these past events. You get paid even if the money has been taken back or denied to the organization.

Get paid for No Shows: We are sometimes unable to charge a client for no shows, but we opt to offset that liability from you by giving you a guaranteed hourly wage per session plus incentive pay. We want to remove the traditional headaches of private practice but still provide you all the flexibility and benefit.

Higher reimbursement for Distance Only Providers: We recognize that distance only providers reduce the overall cost for the organization, so we have opted to increase the return rate to the employee. We offer a 5% rate increase for regular employees and a 2.5% increase for contract employees.

Increased Medicaid/Tenncare Pay for Regular Employee: One of the goals of TNSBH is to provide a livable wage for all employees. We recognize the reimbursement rates vary by payer and access to these payers vary by level of professional licensure. In order to offset the reduced rates offered for Medicaid/Tenncare clients, we will inflate the rate toward incentive by 10%.

Unlimited Earning Potential: You control your own destiny to work as much or as little as you would like. We have providers choosing to earn in the 100K range and some opting to earn much less. The great thing about our model is you essentially set your own annual wage with no restriction or cap on earnings.