Anger Management & Conflict Resolution

The Next Step Behavioral Health delivers service for anger management and conflict resolution in individual, family and group formats. These services can be delivered either in person or through online video communication byway of our HIPAA compliant client portal. The duration, frequency and intensity of services is usually based on clinical/medical necessity.

Goals of Treatment

Another important question is the objectives of an anger management program. Anger is difficult to breakdown into it’s respective parts. And growth only tends to happen in those areas that are measured. Awareness is the first step. So it’s critical to have an idea what you are aiming for with an anger management program. Here is a list of the goals and objectives of an effective anger management program…
Identify and challenge anger-inducing thoughts (e.g., justifications, externalization of blame, perceptions of unfairness, perceived disrespect, over-generalization, all or nothing thinking)
Identify and question angry responses to situations (e.g., throwing, hitting, threatening, violence to property, etc.)

Identify physiological (bodily) responses to perceived provocation (e.g., increase in heart rate, muscle tension, blood flowing to fists, etc.)

Acquire skills to respond to stress and provocation effectively (e.g., relaxation on command, positive self-talk, appropriate assertiveness, understanding of stress, forgiveness, self-compassion, perspective taking, conflict management, etc.)

Reduction in Duration, Intensity and Frequency (DIF) of anger

All of these are important areas of which to be mindful if you are looking to reduce your own anger. 

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