A subscription-based counseling service focused on creating affordable, accessible emotional wellness and support. We provide you with a masters prepared clinician that will provide you ongoing counseling and support to help you through your life’s journey.

What's Included in my subscription? 

We offer a variety of packages tailored to meet your wellness needs. All members will have exclusive access to the online client portal. This serves as hub for all communication including client forms, messaging, emails, secure online video and a complimentary client journal that you are able to share with your provider.

Complimentary Intake: You will receive a complimentary intake evaluation with your provider after you enroll in your first month of service. This initial face to face encounter will consist of a comprehensive diagnostic interview that will allow you and your provider to customize your treatment experience. 

Messaging: Message your counselor anytime using our online portal. Text therapy involves asynchronous communication, so we don’t guarantee that you will get instant responses from your counselor. However, you can expect that your counselor will respond to your messages 1-2 times a day during their working days. Messaging allows you to get the ongoing support and encouragement you need to stay focused and committed to achieving your treatment goals.

Video Therapy: You can schedule a session with a therapist using the HIPAA Secure online video service located within the client portal. Live video therapy sessions are held in real time and feel more personal than text-based online therapy. Multiple studies have found that live video therapy has the same effect as face-to-face sessions.

In Person Therapy: Sometimes technology just isn’t for you and a traditional in person approach is needed. We offer face to face services in our convenient Knoxville, Maryville and Johnson City locations 

How often should I attend Counseling?

We offer 3 main plans: one with a single monthly session, one with two monthly sessions and another with four. However, the frequency of therapy sessions can be tailored to your needs. You can always purchase additional sessions if needed. If you need clarification on the quantity, your counselor will suggest the appropriate amount based on your needs and their assessment.

How long does a Counseling session last?

  • We offer flexibility in the duration of your therapy sessions. Depending on your needs and comfort, you can choose between 30-, 45- and 53-minute counseling sessions.


per week billed monthly
  • Message to your counselor anytime
  • • Unlimited text messaging

Messaging + Monthly Counselng

per week billed monthly
  • For more individuated support
  • • Unlimited text messaging
  • • One monthly 45-minute session

Messaging + Biweekly Counseling

per week billed monthly
  • For those needed a little more support
  • • Two monthly 45-minute sessions

Messaging + Weekly Counseling

per week billed monthly
  • • Unlimited text messaging
  • • Four monthly 45-minute sessions

What if I need more Support?

As part of this program, we offer the ability to add additional sessions or more time to existing sessions. 

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