Assessment & Evaluation 


Mental Health Evaluation 

A mental health evaluation is a comprehensive clinical interview between the person being evaluated and their provider.


Substance Abuse Assessment

Are you facing legal charges due to alcohol or drug use? Or perhaps consequences at work or school? You may be asked to complete an alcohol or drug assessment.

Sorting through what needs to be done when facing potentially serious consequences can be overwhelming and stressful. It is natural to have questions about what to expect if you need to complete an alcohol and drug assessment. 


Parenting Assessment 

Parenting assessments are helpful to social service professionals, courts, and parents in determining a focus for interventions and services. Parenting assessments have been utilized as part of a comprehensive custody evaluation in families where the parents are divorcing.


Assessment for Autism

Wondering whether a child has autism might bring up a wave of different thoughts and emotions for parents. Fortunately, the process of learning more about a child and finding out whether he or she qualifies for a diagnosis of autism can be easier if parents understand the available autism testing and screening options.

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