Pursuit of Happiness
Intensive Family Support Services

The Next Step Behavioral Health’s Pursuit of Happiness Intensive Family Support Services have been designed to stress each individual’s dignity, self-worth, and their potential for change and growth. We work towards helping others maximize their strengths to overcome weaknesses in response to biological, psychological, social, and spiritual needs. The POH program supports each individual’s efforts towards independence, responsibility, self-control, and respect for their self and others. Information, education, and support are provided in a safe, accepting, and trusting environment to facilitate a successful rehabilitation to family and community living. Our programs are dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of clinical excellence as we strive to meet the client’s mental health needs through a multidisciplinary, problem solving, and treatment planning process.

Program Overview

The POH Program is an intensive home-based service designed to help reduce or eliminate symptoms of distress associated with environmental or behavioral health concerns. This systemic community-oriented treatment approach will help provide the type of structure, prompting and unconditional positive regard necessary to help the client flourish in their natural environment. The ultimate goal of the program is to restore families in crisis to acceptable levels of functioning by defining, establishing and implementing long term changes within their home environment.

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Our Mission is to restore hope by alleviating the drivers of poverty one life at a time.

Our vision is that we intend nothing less than to heal our culture one life at a time.

We are focused on interrupting cycles and patterns of trauma in young Chattanoogan's through supporting their healing, improving access and opportunities for work and economic advancement, and providing supportive role models and engaged community leaders

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