Clinical Supervision & Professional Consultation


Clinical Supervision

A varied approach to supervision is utilized which focuses on the administrative, supportive and educational role of the clinical supervisor. Given the “eclectic” nature most occupational settings and the diverse experience and backgrounds of clinicians and students, this model affords the flexibility necessary to meet the supervisee at their level of comprehension and expertise. This approach is implemented in both individual and group capacities depending on which method may lend to the most professional gains for the supervisee. It is our belief that we must act as a solid object and role model for our counselors in training constantly guiding them toward a way of thinking that is rooted in adherence to ethical guidelines and best practice. Much like in a counseling relationship the supervisor must honor their commitment of time and attention and devote 100% to the supervision session. It is our hope that our enthusiasm and respect for the field and profession is instilled in the supervisee. 

Examples of goals established for supervisee’s include the following:

• Aiding them in becoming increasingly aware of their own responses generated by their counseling work

• Deepening their professional knowledge

• Continuously developing their counseling and professional skills

• Managing their caseload

• Evaluating their professional practice

• Understanding Ethics & Scope of Practice

Examples of goals/objectives established for the supervisor include:

• Providing a contracted, professional relationship which leads to reflection on the counseling situation and its structure

• Provide emotional support, containment and clear boundaries for the counselor and the counseling work

• Provide supervisee with element of learning that includes explanation of codes of ethics and practice

• Responsibly monitor the working process between counselor and client

• Monitor professional boundaries and competency as it pertains to the supervisee/supervisor relationship

• Be proactive rather than reactive

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