Parenting Assessment


Assessments are typically ordered by local social service agencies or judges.  However, individuals may request to have an assessment done for circumstances related to custody evaluations or to get an independent assessment of their parental capacity to gain insight into more effective parenting strategies.. 

Not always. It depends on the age of the
child and the issues the judge has
asked the assessor to address. Observations of parent child interaction are typical of most assessments.

Assessors are court-approved professionals, usually either counselors, social workers or psychologists, with expertise in the area of children, custody, and access.  

Typical assessments include:
• the parental capacity of one or both
• the psychological/psychiatric
assessment of one or both parents
• the psychological/psychiatric
assessment of a child
• the child’s wishes and reasons for
those wishes
• the parenting arrangements that
best meet the child’s needs

If not paid for through a state agency such as the Department of Children's Service individuals can choose to pay privately for the assessment. Typical fees range from $250-$500 depending on the requested components of the assessments. 

Purpose of a Parenting Assessment 

A parenting assessment is a comprehensive process that identifies a parent's strengths and needs and provides a specific list of recommendations to assist the parent in becoming the best parent they can be. A combination of extensive interviews with the parent and children, a thorough case file review, review of collateral information, parent-child observations and standardized instruments are utilized to provide specific information related to a parent's strengths and needs. 

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