Supervised Visitation & Exchange

Supervised Visitation and Exchange Services arrange for non-residential parents to have access to their children in a safe and impartial setting under the observation of a third party who is responsible for intervening as needed to promote safety. Services are typically ordered by the court or another referring agency in dependency or family law cases when contact with the non-residential parent may present a risk to the child or to the other parent. In some cases supervised contact may be arranged with other non-residential family members, such as grandparents or siblings.

Types of Visitation 

Supervised Exchange: This involves the supervised transfer of children from a parent or caregiver to the other parent immediately before and after an unsupervised visit. There is no additional monitoring with this level of supervision.

Minimal Supervision: Agency Staff will escort the child or children to the family or visiting party. The monitoring staff will ensure the all parties are comfortable with the visits and familiar with the available resources and then promptly exit the room. Staff will return to the room five minutes prior to the end of the visit. There is no additional monitoring with this level of supervision.

Indirect Supervision: Agency Staff will escort parties to their visit room, ensure the family has access to age and developmentally appropriate activities to take place during the visit and remain in the room until adults and children have established an appropriate level of comfort. Agency staff will then leave the room, returning periodically and/or monitoring a family’s visit remote video transmission. .

Direct Supervised Visitation: Agency Staff providing supervised visitation observe parent-child visits and protect children and parents from physical and emotional harm by enforcing certain ground rules and safety measures. This includes both one-to-one supervision, in which staff are assigned to supervise one family at a time, and group supervision, in which personnel may supervise several families at a time. While basic supervised visitation is often focused only on preventing harm, our services are often more facilitative in their interventions in an effort to create opportunities for change.

Therapeutic Supervised Visitation: This type of supervised visitation employs therapeutic and educational interventions in order to support the development of healthier parent-child relationships. Please note, therapeutic supervised visitation is only to be provided by master’s level mental health professionals.

Costs & Fee's

Supervised Exchange: $40.00; inclusive of pick up and drop off at designated center

Minimal Supervision: $45 per hour

Indirect Supervision: $55 per hour

Direct Supervised Visitation: $65 per hour

Therapeutic Supervised Visitation: $80 per hour

Additional Fees

Weekend & Evening Fee: Services requested outside of regular business hours will carry an up-charge of $7.50 per hour

Travel Fee: Services rendered outside of the office per consumer request will be given a 30 mile round trip grace fee. Any mileage from the agency location to the meeting spot will be payable at $0.54 per mile in addition to $30.00 per hour of travel (1 hour minimum for visitation services).

Overage Charges: $2 per minute

Cancellation/Reschedule Fee: You must cancel or reschedule your appointment times within 24 hours or there will be a $25 fee. No-shows will be assessed the full cost of the visit missed.

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